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What are Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games?

What are Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games?

Got a new PS4? Or an Xbox One? You might want to invest some time getting to know video games. It’s also important to note that you might be a little disappointed to learn that your PS4 overheats after continuous hours of gameplay. In the same way, your Xbox One battery will likely drain faster than you might have anticipated. Fortunately though, you can solve the PS4 overheating nag by getting an appropriate Ortz stand – There are also rechargeable battery packs and other accessories that will help you keep doing your stuff on the Xbox One. And now it’s time to plunge into video games!

Video games have branched out to a lot of types.  From role playing games to simulation games, video games have evolved into a generation of interaction. One of the most interactive game genres nowadays is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) Video Games or the Multiplayer Action Real-Time Strategy.

It is usually played by being in charge of one character among a certain number of characters composing a certain team among two opposing teams. The objective of the game is to strategize and work as a team to destroy the main base or treasure of the opposing team. Killing the characters of the opposing team is done while trying to destroy the base of the opposing team.

In the game, each character to be controlled has a different personality, diverse set of skills, and different main attributes. Except for the fact that there are player-controlled characters, there are also system-controlled units that spawn from the respective bases from time to time to support the players. These spawns are usually the main source of money or gold for the player-controlled characters as every kill of such spawns gives money or gold.

Upon gaining money or gold, players now buy items for their characters. The purpose of purchasing items is to improve the attributes of a player’s character so that it will not be easily killed and it can eliminate the spawns and the opposing heroes easily which will ultimately lead to the destruction of the opposing team’s base. In the end, if the base is destroyed, the items bought during the game cannot be carried over for the next game because each game is separate from the other. All games start from the lowest level, an item-less character and a specific amount of gold. This is what makes it exciting because it is a test of skill for every game.

Except for that, while the game is happening, chatting may usually be done before all throughout and even after the game. This way, the players may strategize or plan their actions before doing it. However, such chatting feature may also be used to trashtalk the opponent or say negative things about the opponent.

More than being interactive, this game genre is now considered as one of the most played genre worldwide. MOBA gamers around the world gather once or twice a year to witness their own world cup or international tournaments participated by teams having different nationalities.  Attended and viewed online by millions of gamers around the world, this is considered to be one of the biggest events in gaming history as stadiums around the world are utilized to conduct this tournament. Example of its venues is a stadium used in 2002 FIFA World Cup, Sangan Stadium in Seoul, Korea, and a venue used for NCAA championships, KeyArena coliseum in Seattle, USA. The prize is also no joke as the prize pool ranges from $1,000,000.00 – $5,000,000.00 for the overall champions. It is one of the biggest contributors in the development of the so called electronic sports or eSports.

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Top Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games

Top Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games

One of the famous and most interactive game genres in this age is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) Video Games where players build a team and control characters individually. The main objective of the teams is to destroy each other’s base or protected artifact. The first one to destroy the other’s base or protected artifact wins. Considering its impact in the eSports industry and the big tournaments having big prizes, it is very popular to gamers today. This article discusses two of the most popular and top MOBAs in this generation: League of Legends and Dota 2.

League of Legends

                Having user-friendly graphics, the League of Legends is one of the most known MOBAs today. It was developed by Riot Games and played in each and every continent in the world. The game allows the player to choose among a set of ranged or melee champions that he or she will control throughout the game after a certain matchmaking. The game is made up of different roles for the champions and each champion-role has a territory to defend in the game map. Such territory is called the lane. In the lanes, the system-controlled characters called minions spawn for a certain time-interval and help the heroes defend the territories. Killing an opposing minion let the character earn gold.

Each champion has a basic attribute which may be improved depending on the items that a player will buy. As the items are bought, the champions of the player grow stronger. Levels also play a crucial role in the game because everytime champions level up, their attributes increase and they learn a new skill. The max level for the champions for the game is 18.

What defines League of Legends from other MOBAs is its rune system wherein players may have a bonus additional attributes to the base attributes of a champion at the start of a game. League of Legends conduct a tournament every year where players (or summoners as the game calls them) from around the world compete for a prize pool of millions of dollars.


Dota 2 is a MOBA considered to be the sequel of DotA, a game mode in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Its gameplay is somehow the same with the old DotA game where both teams must protect an ‘Ancient’. This ‘Ancient’ must be destroyed by the opposing team to win.

The game starts with a matchmaking mode on the region specified by the player. The regions in the game refer to the different world territories or continents where the game is available. If a game is found, the players are grouped into a team of five and are given the chance to pick a character to control called hero.

Each hero must take a lane in the map and defend such lanes so that the opposing team will not reach the base of the other team where the ancient is located. In every lane, system-controlled characters called creeps spawn to help each hero defend the lanes. Killing an opposing creep helps let the hero earn gold. Such gold is used to buy items to make the hero stronger. Each item may have a different effect and may either be passive or active. Active items must be clicked to gain the effect while passive items may give effect even without clicking.

The heroes also earn experience in every kill they will have, may it be a creep kill, or a kill against an opposing hero. If the heroes’ experience bar is filled, they will level up and will be able to learn new skills. The maximum level of heroes for Dota 2 is level 25.

Together with the League of Legends, Dota 2 is also has one of the most influential tournaments in the eSports scene. Its tournament is also held every year where teams from different countries participate. The prize pool for such tournament ranges up to $5,000,000.00.

MOBAs are the new faces eSports in this generation. In the end, the games played by a gamer won’t matter. What matters is the sportsmanship and the respect each gamer gives each other while playing the interactive game.

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